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Middle Island Presbyterian Church

Worship Sunday 10am 19 Longwood Rd, Ridge, NY

Our Souls' DNA

Philippians 3:7-14; Psalm 1

The cells in each person are uniquely prescribed by DNA. Our souls have DNA too, which we inherit from Jesus Christ.…

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Valerie Ford Memorial Service

Image from Valerie Ford Memorial Service

Location: MIPC

She was called the Tie-Dye Queen, and
She was the one who put two I's in Isaiah.
She said nappies instead of diapers (and when
She said diapers she used three syllables) and
She got beet-red when we said bloody, as in bloody this and bloody that.
She lived in…

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Craft & Bake Fair 2013

Preview of Craft & Bake Fair 2013

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to start your holiday shopping and pick up a few pies for Thanksgiving! See attached flyer.

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Job 19: 23-27; Luke 24: 36-43
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Exodus 18: 1-12; Acts 9: 1-6
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